Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, November 3, 2013

Were each of us empowered to give our gifts fully, and to connect with/articulate/receive what we truly need – within a genuine, conscious, collective intention of love – is it possible to have a community in which the needs of each and every member are met?

I warmly invite you to come, give it your best shot with us, and find out!

  • During this time of community and shared harvest, how can we feed each other on the deepest level?
  • How can we use the safety, magic and power of our ritual space to transform any parts of ourselves that limit us in knowing that for which we truly express our inner longing in a way that enables others to package their love in a form digestible to us...and to fully absorb the nourishment?
  • How might we take what we learn about giving and receiving love in this way out to the rest of our lives and to the world?

Please come help us discover!


For a richer experience, you can prepare by contemplating:

  • What gifts do I bring that I’d like to lovingly share?
  • What do I most need at this point in my life?

Specifically needed: Altar-makers, buddies for first-timers, extra pillows/blankets, outreach efforts to bring in new folks, possibly more

While not required, should you wish to bring an offering of food or drink to share, it will feed your brothers and sisters and be deliciously appreciated. (Please bring finger foods that do not require utensils.) However, bringing your highest vibration of loving energy is the most important thing. :-)

So we can start as One, please arrive before 6:30 pm

(6:00 pm if it’s your first time or you’d like to support a first-timer; earlier if you can help us setup)

MC: Rich

Stage Manager: Tigris