Spark Collective Joyfully Greets You!

Welcome to the Spark Collective! We are an inclusive community dedicated to creating affirming, joyous fire circles. This is a public ritual where all are welcome. We're here to support personal transformation through ritual participation with voice, music, movement, and service.

Upcoming Circles 2023

We have no circles scheduled currently

Our Community
Anyone who comes to our circles is a member of our collective. We are open, inclusive and welcome all-comers. We welcome people of all races, all colors, all gender identifications, all ages and sexual orientations and those differences of life situation, background and physical or mental ability that increase our diversity.

What is a sacred fire circle?
Our circles are fun, participatory, improvisational, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes silly, rarely somber, and always engaging. Our ritual is a ceremony of spontaneity, a practice of being present in the moment. Every time we meet, the circle is different. It depends on who shows up and what energy each person brings. The ingredients are our bodies, our minds, and our spirit. Together, we co-create an inspiring and empowering ritual to foster personal growth and community harmony.

When do we meet?
For 2020 We are hoping to meet four times. our first circle will be at Pantheacon in February. Beyond that we are hoping to host a summer fire circle retreat and two other circles in the bay area. stay tuned.

Connect with us

If you wish to stay connected to our community and receive information about our upcoming events, you have several options: