Fire Circle Community

We consider anyone who comes to our circles to be a member of our collective. We are open, inclusive and welcome all-comers. The only prerequisite to attend is that you are willing to abide by our community responsibility guidelines.

The Spark Collective is part of a wider community informally known as the Family of Fire, people around the world who regularly hold sacred fire circles. These magical events, inspired by the ancient tradition of drumming and dancing around a fire, often run until dawn for several consecutive nights. It was at one of these all-night outdoor festivals that the idea for Spark was first conceived – to consciously bring a spark of the sacred fire into our regular lives.

These groups host fire circles:

  • Vegas Vortex – hosts Mysterium, May Fire, and Fall Fest in and around Las Vegas
  • Cascadia Fire - annual October fire circle in coastal Oregon
  • Forestdance – circles in Massachusetts every August, and in Cota Rica in March
  • Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise – circles in Wisconsin every July
  • Spirit Fire  circles in July in upstate New York
  • Fires Rising  features a fire circle at this event every May in Pennsylvania
  • Rites of Spring  a week long pagan festival with fire circle in every May in western Massachusetts
Spark members also participate in a number of other events:
  • PantheaCon – the annual Pagann convention in San Jose every February
  • Beltania – a May retreat in Colorado Springs with indoor fire circle


These past events are currently on hiatus. For reference:

  • Redwood Nights – outdoor fire circles during the warm months, near Ben Lomond
  • Sacred Flame – all night fire circle in June on Palomar Mountain in southern California
  • The Pagan Festival – an annual event held in Berkeley every May