Responsibility Guide

Welcoming Inclusion

The Spark Collective creates safe and sacred space. We welcome people of all races, all colors, all gender identifications, all ages and sexual orientations and those differences of life situation, background and physical or mental ability that increase our diversity.

Standards of Conduct

The Spark Collective endeavors to create an environment which is safe, responsible and egalitarian.  We celebrate inclusion, diversity, love and mutual respect. We promote a culture of consent. At Spark events, we do not accept:

  • Physical or verbal threats of any kind
  • Harassment, bullying, coercion in any way or unwelcome sexual or physical attention
  • Hostile and disrespectful speech or actions of any kind

If you are feeling harassed, and are willing to, ask the harasser to stop. If you are unwilling, or unable to ask, or it does not stop, approach a member of the Spark Core and ask for help.

If you are asked to stop any harassing behavior you are expected to stop immediately. If a participant engages in harassing behavior, the Spark Core retains the right to take any action to keep our events a welcoming environment for all participants. These actions can include warning the participant(s) or expulsion from the event or future events.

The Spark Core is not an arbiter of interpersonal conflict. We expect participants to maintain the standards of conduct outlined above at all times during Spark Collective events.

Media Policy

There is no photography or recording during ritual. Outside of ritual, photography is only allowed with the advance permission of the subject(s).

Responsible Creativity

The Spark ritual circle provides a space for creative exploration. It is an open circle where we come together to empower one another.

Here you have an opportunity to explore creatively, test your boundaries, and challenge your limitations. We all have a role in making this circle safe. Making a personal commitment to your own safety is a powerful way to support your creative process. You are empowered to be the guardian of your own experience. You choose when and how you wish to interact with other members of the circle. If you are uncomfortable, challenged, or overwhelmed, ask yourself how you can respond constructively to the situation. Do you need transformational support? To talk directly with someone? To set an explicit boundary with someone? To take a break from the circle? To stick with your process? Do what you need to do, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

If you feel drawn to interact with someone in the circle, please be conscious of whether that person is inviting you in. Don't take it personally if someone declines to interact with you. Respect that request. They are doing their own work. If someone approaches you looking for help, please take the time to listen and take his or her concerns seriously. If you are not in a place to help, find someone who can. We support each other with our attention and understanding.

Being part of this community carries an agreement to treat each other with respect and to honor each other's boundaries. 

Spark is intended to be open to all. It's a place where we can bring our whole selves – not just what's wonderful but also the imperfections, the parts that feel broken, the parts we may be ashamed of. We may not agree with everything that each person does or says, but we hold space for each other to come together in our imperfection and our divine humanity and to be transformed.