Monthly Spark Circle

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We invite you to join us at our next monthly circle. Bring yourself as you are. You do not have to hold any specific beliefs to play with us. People of all faiths and from all walks of life are welcome.

What can I expect at a Spark ritual?

Our circles are held on the second Saturday of each month. Arrive at around 6:30pm, especially if it's your first time, so that you can participate in the orientation for newcomers and drummers. The ritual fun starts around 7pm and goes until about 9:30pm. Showing up on time helps us create a tight energetic container. Extra hugs if you come early and help with setup or stay after to help with cleanup! 

We ask those who attend the circle for a contribution of $10 to $25, sliding scale. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

The Spark circle is a container for creative play, for transformation, for magic. To prepare ourselves to enter sacred space, we begin with a quiet period of reflection, followed by ritual purification with smoke, water, or sound. As you enter the circle, focus on your intention for the evening, which could be anything from playing with your friends to doing serious transformational work. After everyone has entered the circle, a brief opening ceremony usually involves sounding “Om,” saying our names, and calling the four directions and spirit. Be prepared for interesting variations, however!

After the opening, the ritual is freeform. Some of the ways to participate are described as the portals of entry. Chanting, movement, and speaking our truth through stories, silly songs, or poems happen spontaneously in the moment. Drumming is in service to what’s happening in the circle, so sometimes the drum leader gives a bit of direction. Silences are also a part of the magical texture, for out of silence, beautiful, mysterious, delicate moments can emerge. Usually there is a healer’s corner where you can relax, chill out, or request support in your process. Often there is a divination table where you can consult various tarot decks and other oracles. We end the ritual by releasing the directions, sounding a final round of Oms, and speaking our names once again.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring a drum or a hand percussion instrument such as a rattle or a shaker, if you have one. If not, don't worry; they're entirely optional. Community rattles are available, and drums are usually available to share, too. You may wish to stand on the perimeter of the circle, shaking a rattle, to help strengthen the container. Or you may use a rattle as you move around the circle, to support another person who is in trance or just to add your own joyful noise to the music.

Wear regular street clothes or ritual garb, whatever makes you feel most comfortable and open to experiencing the possibilities of our sacred playground. It's helpful to wear layers of clothing because you may become hot while you are moving and chilly once you stop.

What else do I need to know?

Step into the circle with a spirit of acceptance. In Spark, we are seen with the eyes of love. The circle is a safe space where we can work with all parts of ourselves. We can heal or transform the parts that feel broken or just be present with them. We can celebrate and nurture the parts of ourselves that we love or that we want to grow. We can imagine new possibilities for ourselves, make connections, experiment with new ways of being, or practice being who we want to be. We are held by our community, witnessed by our friends.

People may be smiling or crying, singing or swirling. The circle may teem with people running, skipping, or crawling on the ground. The energy may be joyful or solemn, playfully improvisational and serendipitous, chaotic or ecstatic, reflective or raucous. Step into your power, present and alert. Speak your truth. Trust. Engage with your authentic self, allowing yourself to experience your imperfection and your divinity. Let your spirit dip and soar with other creative spirits. Be present with all that it means to be human now. Co-create this moment with us. Have fun!

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