Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, October 2, 2011


MC: Tao & Terence

Stage manager: Holly & Debbie

This is the time, as our planet is poised between the light and the dark, to think about balance. As the scales sway and slowly seek equilibrium, the smallest changes can make all the difference. Remove a little bit. Put some back. Just the right tiny adjustment can lead to entirely different results. 

For the equinox, Tao and Terence invite you to consider flexibility. To look at things from a slightly different angle. To turn the corner on your own assumptions. Find the softness in relationships that seem rigid and blend things that seem distinct. Discover what has to give to lead to forgiveness. Relax, let go, and ease into a new perspective.

Where are you holding on? What small shift can you make that will lead you someplace new? It's not about pushing harder or trying to transform the world overnight. Together we can move things just a few degrees beyond the expected and see what is normally hidden from view.