Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Spark Collective gathers this Sunday, January 4th, to experience a circle like no other, for this marks the last day of Yule before the Twelfth Night. For over a thousand years, the Pagan traditions throughout Europe, from Norway through the Celtic lands to Italy, heeded a version of the Wild Hunt. It represented the life and death power of the old deities who would gather souls of the deceased during the harsh dark days of Mid-Winter and lead them in a Wild Hunt to drive away evil. Where a Wild Hunt passed, it would be a good year, and all would be green. With horse and hound, Odin, Diana, Herne the Hunter, the Harlequin, among many other leading deities, would lead a great host through the ancient forests and harsh Winter skies to protect their people.

This night we heed the Warrior’s Call and revision the Wild Hunt for this time and place. The Spirits of all species who have passed by our abuse of the balance of nature, will be led on a Wild Hunt to protect the web of life for the coming year. You will be emerging with great love and overflowing joy. This is an act of high magic that we have always used: Mental Alchemy arising from the ancient Hermetic Axioms. That is, fixing an intention and releasing it with great passion.

We wear the colors of the Harlequin, red and black, with black mask or face paint. As an option, all will be provided with a temporary Dragon Sigil tattoo of the Warrior’s Call. There will be new chants to sing, and the Spirits within each element will be called forth.

MC: James
Stage Manager: