Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, November 2, 2014

MC: Kimba

Stage Manager: Tigris

During this season of fall, death looms in the rustling leaves, shorter days, and in our hearts and minds as we connect with those who have shed this mortal coil. On November 2, we will gather in silence to sweep the cobwebs from the corners and contemplate. 

Crawling from this internal space, we will join in a communal "rebirthing," passing through a tunnel symbolizing the phoenix rising from the ashes and emerging into celebration of the Pagan New Year with typical Spark fanfare.

Join Spark Collective for this deep ritual of separation and togetherness, sorrow and joy, regret and contentment, mourning and celebration.

Bring photos of loved ones who have passed on, especially in the last year, for an ancestors altar.

Dia de los Muertos attire encouraged!