Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, May 4, 2014


May is here and Beltane too
Whats in it for me and you?

 The fires of fecundity
Are just begining now to glow
We feel the tingling in our hearts
Our spirits and our bodies soar,
Lets go!

The Theme of May Spark Circle will be the Seeds of our Fecundity.

Let us explore, celebrate our creative beginings. What juices stir within us at this time of year to create: Music? Art? Children?

Bring your creative and procreative selves to the circle. Bring your creations and your children to celebrate the happiness of new beginings.


I am asking for anyone in the community, including any children, with parents permission,who who like to:

Make an Altar
Call a direction
Be a Grace

MC: Debbie
Stage Manager:  Eileen