Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, April 3, 2011

Embodying the Sacred Sound

MC: Missy
Stage manager: Holly

Vibration is part of everything around us and within us. Our cells are vibrating, there is the vibrating of our heartbeat, our breath, our voice, the air, even those things that are seemingly solid (like chairs and tables) actually have a vibration.

Along those lines, a vibration, like a sound, exists forever and although it may become miniscule, it never actually disappears. Consider then, that when we make a sound or create a vibration, it affects the world for a very very long time. It makes me want to consider more mindfully what vibrations I put out to the universe as well as into my own body.

Knowing all this, we can use the vibrations that most closely align to our body's natural vibrations to create alignment and opening. When two vibrations are resonant (meaning they are the same and work together), you can shift the overall vibration of one or the other creating a sense of natural harmony. We can shift our vibrations with each other as well, creating new vibrations and movements that work together. It is an act of creation and balance. I invite us to use sound and movement to find balance and alignment within ourselves as well as with each other.

One of the most sacred vibrational sounds is that of the Om or Aum. There are many many many explorations into the meanings, meditations and techniques for Auming. My additional invitation to us this night is to step into the sacred sound (and beautiful silence) of the Aum. To open our hearts, our roots, our connection to spirit, all together in alignment with the sacred and with each other. Let us create a sacred container of vibration for healing, for play, for harmony within ourselves and as a community.