Spark Circle

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Theme for this month

The theme for the March Spark is "Come as your higher self." We will create a safe space for everyone to take the risk of trying something new, whether it's playing a new instrument, sharing a personal poem or story, wearing a new costume, letting out a song or dance that has been bubbling inside, or whatever it may be for you. It will be an opportunity for us to express that part of ourselves that we are evolving into... Our MC for the evening is Zorg. Please let him know if you'd like to express something via the creation of one of the altars, smudging, or calling a directions! He can be reached at Zorg at CosmicEnlightenment dot Org.

Special community meeting @ 4 PM

As part of our commitment to keep the spark in Spark, the core is preparing for its annual retreat in March. The retreat is intended to focus on connection, inspiration, reflection, evaluation, and vision for our community. And we want your input! If you have questions, observations, or ideas about the circle or if you have feedback, concerns, or suggestions for improving Spark, bring them to the meeting -- or feel free to talk to a core member any time. If you have questions about the core or what it does, you can read more about it here.