Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, November 7, 2010

Circle MC: Terence

Stage Manager: Oliver

Theme: Archetypes

Autumn has arrived. The days are growing short and the skies are growing dark. As you know, there are numerous customs associated with this season.


It is a traditional time to honor the dead. It is also common to look inside, assess one’s resources, and gather strength for the coming winter. The veil between the worlds grows thin, and it may be necessary to appease the spirits. Some do so by assuming another guise, donning unfamiliar clothes to frighten away phantoms or simply to brighten the night. So…
Our next Spark ritual focuses on ARCHETYPES. As your guide into this month’s circle, I encourage you to choose an archetype for the evening. I invite you to dress as or otherwise embody that aspect of yourself. I encourage you to stride around the circle with the power (or powerlessness) of that character. I bid you: let this voice rise from within you and speak to us.  
Am I suggesting a costume party? Not by a long shot. You don’t need special clothes to assume an archetype – although they may help connect you to its essence – and I urge you to be quite conscious about what you choose to embody in sacred space.
Perhaps it’s a side of yourself that you can offer as support to others – or a power you wish to draw to yourself. Maybe it’s something you’d like to explore. Or something you need to purge. Whatever it is, think carefully about what you take on and what you bring into our circle.
Maybe you’ll come as your Shadow. As your Alter Ego. Maybe we’ll meet your Anima (the female side of a man’s personality) or Animus (the male side of a woman’s personality). Perhaps the circle in August was so much fun that the Child in you will come to Spark again!
We may welcome a Warrior or King. The Maid, Mother, or Crone. Are you the Hero or the Underdog? The Villain or the Victim? The Lover? The Trickster? The Martyr? The Sage? Are you a Princess, Ingénue, Temptress? A Mage?
You might find inspiration in the tarot: Do you feel like Death, the Devil, or the Hanged Man? Are you drawn to the Fool, the Magician, the Hermit, or High Priestess? Do you embody Strength, Justice, Temperance, or another eternal quality?

You are the Sun. You are the Moon. You are what you choose to be.
We could argue over the precise definition of an archetype. Let’s not, OK? Please interpret this invitation as you see fit… and as always, if you don’t feel called to participate in this way, you are still heartily welcome at our circle! (Archetypes are present among us at every Spark ritual. This month, there may just be a few more than usual.)