Celebrate the Harvest

This circle already happened
Saturday, September 14, 2019

It is the season to participate in the spirit of joy and an attitude of gratitude. Let’s come together and celebrate the earth’s bounty and the fruits of our labor!

It is also a time to reflect and wrap things up, to look back and consider the seeds you’ve “sown” in the past. What has come to fruition, and what has failed to blossom? A time to re-think your needs, your goals and approaches to things, and re-assess your efforts. 

Just as plants burst with vitality throughout summer, there is now a pulling back to root. A time to connect to the essence of harmony within ourselves and in our communities.  A time to acknowledge and embody the Great Work we chose to participate in.

If you have a garden, even if it’s just a small container herb and flower garden, Harvest some of your crops, come early, adorn the food altar and space with your bounty!

Let’s rekindle practices that most sustain us, sharing with each other where we have been and where we are now. 

We look forward to circling with you for the first time or once again!