Mar. Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Saturday, March 9, 2019

Join Spark Collective and Tao for our March circle

Betwixt and Between - Embracing the uncertainty

The Vernal Equinox approaches. Spring lies coiled in the earth beneath our feet like an actual spring, full of life, ready to burst forth. You can feel the power of what will soon manifest all around us. But right now it is still cold, and it is still wet, and the days are still short. We are in the moment between. And we have a choice - do we live in out dreams of the future, or do we find a way to embrace this moment?

Sometimes the moment we are in can be very uncomfortable. We don't know the right thing to say, the next move to make. We have lost our script, and don't know our lines. Sometimes we want to be anywhere but here and now. But here and now is where our power is. And sometime just choosing to stay present, to embrace the awkwardness can be the bravest, most powerful choice of all.

When we cast a circle, we consciously create a space Between. We carve out a small bit of time that is Betwixt. Where we can come together as a community, and dip our hands into the river of Becoming. We become a bridge between the lessons of the past and the manifesting potential of the future. You are invited.