May Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ritual Leader: Maryam Webster
Theme: Balefires of Beltane: Embracing the Fire, Weaving the SacredCome join us at Spark on May 12th for a riotous, glorious Beltane, where we’ll celebrate Love in all its magnificent forms! Join us for historical May dances, drums, dulcimers, a rousing energizing and life-blessing, and that most authentic and well-documented of ancient European pagan practices - the Maypole! 

We’ll dance our portable Maypole, then when it’s wrapped, circle dance around it, surrounded by sacred flame. Taking our group and personal intentions into the dance, we’ll sweat our prayers and empower our lives and our planet, for the next revolution. What will you bring to the Fire?

Just how old is the Maypole practice? Hundreds if not thousands of years, and practiced across Europe and in countries who value trees, and the concept of a World Tree.

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See you among the ribbons!!