April Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Saturday, April 14, 2018

Celebrating the Cosmic Fool with Jonathan of Avalon: The Cosmic Fool is on sacred journey into the vast intergalactic unknown. As all journeys do, this journey has an origin yet not necessarily a destination. Our sacred circle serves as our space ship as we set it into motion through our dance and movement, our music and rhythm, our voices, and our service to others. Where will we go on this journey together? What will we see and what will we show each other? What will this journey teach us about our individual selves and the Collective? Get ready to go on the cosmic journey of your life, Beloveds. Come dressed, if it is your will to do so, as your favorite planet, quasar, nebula, moon, or star and dance with the Cosmic Archetypes. The mystery awaits the Cosmic Fool.

Ritual leader: Jonathan