Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, June 5, 2016

All are welcome to join in our June Spark Circle! 
Our theme this month is “Return to our Roots, Return to Our Family Tree!” 

We are all creators and beneficiaries of Community, and we are all roots in the Fire Family Tree.

Whether you’ve just started coming to Circle, or you’ve been coming for years, or even if you’re someone who hasn’t been coming for a while, you are part of what makes this community great.

As we dance into the beginning of summer, we want to celebrate every “branch” on our Family Tree, and we want to come together to welcome those sparklers traveling home to us for our upcoming 3 Day fire circle event, Summer Spark Ignite.

Come join us in our safe circle, the container that we stir, and make yourself an ingredient in a joyous house party! Come and drum, dance, sing, read poetry, laugh, cry-bring it!

Bring your unique, exuberant energy into the “stew.” Our collective energy will welcome those who travel to see us, and welcome the spirit of those who can’t be with us, or are no longer with us.

Let our love supercharge them!

Ritual Leader: Scott
Assistant Ritual Leader: Oliver