Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, May 3, 2009

2 PM: Community meeting
This month instead of a workshop at 2pm, we have a community meeting. The core have just returned from the annual retreat -- so we'd like to continue the discussions started in the April community meeting and bring in elements that were talked about during the retreat. We hope you'll join us at 2pm to participate in the discussion.

4 PM: Drum circle
From 4pm to 4:30pm, right before the potluck, James will be teaching more Afro-Cuban and Middle Eastern drum rhythms. Sharing standard rhythms each month, we hope to increase the number of drummers who know how to deepen the drumming groove.

4:30 PM: Potluck

6:30 PM: Ritual
As always, arrive at 6:30pm for the circle setup and orientations. The ritual circle opens at 7pm. This month's circle will be led by Missy. Here's some information from her about her plans:

There will be a place to honor family, friends, ancestors, and descendants. If you would like to bring a picture, or symbol of your family for this altar, it is very welcome!

In Judaism, once a week, a day is set aside to be separate from the other days. A Sabbath. A day of rest, a day of sacredness, a day of joy. Our fire circle, once a month is like the Sabbath. It is a time for us to come together with our "family," to step aside and be free from the constraints of the rest of our lives and to connect deeply with the sacredness and holiness of all that is around us. Many traditions teach various ceremonies or practices that are about non-attachment, or setting a time that is seperate and sacred from the rest. We also have our circle, separate from time and place, to reflect back on the rest of life, to play, to rejuvenate.

Join us this Sunday, May 3, in a sacred, peaceful, time of connection with each other and spirit, in gratitude for all the abundance and sweetness in our lives. Together we will welcome the "bride" of our sabbath, our sacred time. May each of us be blessed during the circle and that the taste of our special time together may carry us through until the next time we meet again.