Tantric Shamanism Workshop

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

10:00 AM

Location: The Center for Quantum Healing and Transformation, Nicasio, CA

More Info: 831-338-2346


Learn powerful tantric and shamanic techniques that will help you transform your life. Experience the natural joy that arises when the energy body awakens.

Within and around your physical body is a body of light. Light body awareness is a key to unlocking the cosmic doorway to the next octave of your spiritual journey.

Learn breath, meditation and movement techniques in order to access and harness the powerful forces within you empowering and transforming your life. You can use these practices to create more peace, balance, energy and personal mastery.

Ready to go beyond where you’ve ever been before? The Tantric Shamanism Breath work Ceremony will assist you to remove the blockages that have been holding you back and open the gateways to deep bliss and profound change. This extremely potent initiation is for those who are truly ready to take the next step on their path of spiritual evolution.

$240 for the weekend Includes three meals, tenting, Saturday night live

music performance & dancing featuring Jah Levi.

Held at the Center for Quantum Healing and Transformation, in Nicasio, CA ~Marin county