Spark Circle

This circle already happened
Sunday, September 6, 2015

Heather Feather Magic here ~

I'm excited to invite you to this next Spark Collective ritual on Sunday September 6th. The theme of this gathering of sparks will be "Your Magical Inner Kingdom"

We will be building a miniature 'City of the Miraculous' to reflect the inner city of the miraculous that we wish to fortify and visit more often. You are invited to bring any kind of object / objects to add to our 'Miraculous kingdom sculpture'. The idea is to bring awareness to the different cities within us (i.e. the 'Doubt/Distraction city', the 'Smashing Successful career path city', the 'Love, Relationship and Fun city, and of course, your 'Living in the miraculous and expressing your signature greatness city'!

Let's power up the voltage in the city you want to bring to life!

Bring anything that makes you feel magical and expresses your magical moxie!

Ritual Leader: Heather Feather