Our Values

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What makes Ignite a place where we can play together, do deep work together, make magic, and have fun together? The quality of the work we can do depends on how we build and hold a container. From long discussions among Ignite organizers, the Spark community, and the Spark core, certain themes have emerged for conditions supportive to this work:

  • A welcoming, co-created event that embraces inclusion, choice, exploration, loving kindness, and growth
  • Non-judgmental, open, and respectful communication based in deep listening and sharing
  • Space for experimentation, sacred play, the freedom to stretch our boundaries and challenge ourselves
  • A safe, supportive, and nurturing place where we empower one another, while practicing self-responsibility, personal accountability and commitment to our own safety

Attendees at Ignite are expected to adhere to standards of conduct described in the Spark Responsibility Guide.