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Ignite 2018 was a blast. Wanna help make it happen again next year? Join us on the Spark FB group.


Spark Ignite

Join us for a magical, transformational ceremony. Reclaim your connection to spirit in ecstatic fire circle, as you disconnect from the everyday. Release your stress, worry, and fear as you walk toward joy, passion, and purpose. 

This transformational ceremony is both simple and ancient. We come together under the stars, surrounded by trees, held in community as we open ourselves up to the power of the moment. A moment that brings us fully present even as it connects us to the deep and the ancient. Together we journey through two nights of play, dance, and song. With the warmth of the fire, the dirt under our feet, the sound of the drums, and the companionship of tribe, we arise anew with each dawn. 

Ignite is a two day and two night fire circle ceremony, deep in the mountains among the redwoods, under the wide open sky near Santa Cruz, California. It is a co-created gathering hosted by the Spark Collective fire family. We encourage participation in the planning, organizing, and creation of the event. If you would like to join the fire family’s endeavor to make this event beautiful and practical both, please contact us. We need helpers, drummers, workshop leaders, and village builders. We look forward to circling with you around our sacred fire. 

Our Theme This Year:
Dance of Synergy 
We gather to weave the balance between light and dark, between illumination and introspection, between the productive, beautiful waking world and the deep, insightful dream world. We journey through the shadowlands to heal the rift between these places. We weave the loose strands of disconnect into a rich fertile whole that nurtures and sustains, that brings us love and joy as well as grounding and peace.