Event Instructions

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We strive to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone who attends our fire circles. Please be mindful of your choices and how they may effect other participants. We encourage compassion, understanding, and kindness.  

Alcohol & drugs

Spark Ignite is a clean & sober event. Out of respect for members of our community in recovery, the community at large, and our magical container, please do not bring intoxicants with you or use them on the premises. If you need to use marijuana for medical purposes and have a doctor’s prescription, let the registrar know. Smoking is allowed in the designated smoking area only.

Scent free environment 

To ensure full participation for everyone, please refrain from wearing perfumes, cologne, essential oils, scented hygiene products, and any incense on site. Scent allergies among our community include: Lavender, Palo Santo, Copal, Patchouli, and Sage.  If scent is integral to your experience, please contact registration@sparkcollective.org to discuss health and safety requirements. 

East Bay Meditaion has a fabulous how to be fragrance free page.

Photography & recording

Photography, video & audio recording are not allowed in the fire circle or during workshops. At other times, photography is allowed with permission of those photographed. Do not publish any photos or videos online or elsewhere except with explicit consent of everyone depicted.


What To Bring

Food altar 

Please bring food offerings to share with the community. The food altar provides nibbles to sustain us at the fire throughout the night. Finger food is best. Cut-up fruit, crackers & cheese, dried fruits, nuts, veggies, protein, and sweets are welcome. Bring a container to serve your items.

Drums & rattles 

Please do bring hand drums such as djembe, darbuka, frame drums, and rattles to play and/or share. Musical instruments conducive to ritual and trance (bells, flutes, didgeridoo, etc.) are also most welcome.

Ritual wear & costumes

Dressing up for the fire, though entirely optional, can enrich your experience. Costumes, face paint, props, toys, whatever makes you feel good or helps you further your intention is the right thing! Wear something that will keep you warm and which can tolerate the fire smoke. If you choose to wear veils or other floaty items, be aware of fire safety.


Many people like to set up a personal rest area near the fire with a chair or a blanket or sleeping bag so that they can sit or lay down during the night if they need to rest. Please be mindful of how much space you take so we can have room for everyone.

A detailed packing list will be included in your registration packet.