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Spark Ignite

Join us for an extra-ordinary, transformational, and magical event. This is your invitation to a challenge, a rite, and an ordeal. When we get wrapped up in our day-to-day and feel disconnected, stuck, or at a loose end, we need to escape, to get outside. We need to experience ourselves fresh and unmediated. We need to reclaim what animates us, what brings joy, and gives us a sense of purpose. We need a method, an approach, a ritual, to shake us up and wake us up.

We need an ecstatic fire circle ceremony.

Our approach is both simple and ancient. We come together under the stars, surrounded by trees, held in community, and are invited to be ourselves fully. Together we journey into and through three consecutive nights of play, dancing, and singing our heart song around a sacred fire and arise anew with each dawn. The cool night air, the mountains, the dirt under our feet, the sound of the drums, the warmth of the fire, the eyes of our friends, conspire to bring us back into our bodies, fully present, breaking down our resistances, letting us be ourselves more fully. Together we hold this space as sacred, allowing it to be the crucible that brings us into contact with the mysterious, that bubbles spontaneously up from within and without. We open ourselves up to the power of the moment to connect us again with places of deep truth.

This is not a meditation retreat, it is an ecstatic advance!
It is an injection of spirit, of energy, of connection to source.

Will you join us for sacred play, deep connection, and personal transformation?

Ignite is a four day and three night fire circle ceremony, deep in the mountains near Santa Cruz, California, among beautiful redwoods and under the wide open sky. This is your invitation to join us for fun, laughter, magic, transformation, and connection. Here you can drum your passion, dance your stories, laugh or cry, speak your truth, walk with your shadow, and sing your heart song. This year the overarching theme for our sacred journey together is the Mind, Body, and Soul. 

How can I play a part in co-crafting the event?

This is a co-created gathering of our beloved tribe!  We could not do this without all the beautiful souls who make up this amazing community showing up fully and bringing their gifts to the table. We encourage participation in the planning, organizing, and creation of the event. If you would like to join the endeavor to make this event fantastic, let us know how you would like to help. We need Village Builders, marketing assistance, and your creative juices. We want to hear from you! Please contact us by email at

Should I bring a drum?

Yes, please! Bring your hand drum, your didgeridoo, shakers, bells, any instrument to play in support of our ritual. We're not performing songs; music is our magical container.

Do I need special skills?

This work does not require any particular belief or training. We honor people of all traditions and paths or none. This is magic created spontaneously by us the participants. Each person brings a valued contribution. So bring an offering, whether it is your music, your dance, your story-telling, your poetry, your costumes, or bring none of these things and come exactly as you already are. For this assignment you will need you, yourself, and your courage to try. This isn't a performance you witness, it's a rite you participate in. We are co-creators of the magic. There is no right way to do it. We improvise. The form as ancient as people. We know how to do this, because it is in our bones.

You are welcome here. Bring your whole self. And find yourself anew.